Wyoming Search and Rescue Mission

Search and Rescue (SAR) is defined as the employment, coordination and utilization of available resources and personnel in relieving distress, preserving life and removing survivors from the site of a disaster, emergency or hazard in case of lost, stranded, entrapped or injured people.

The goal of the Wyoming Search and Rescue Council is to assist Wyoming sheriffs, who are charged by state statute to conduct SAR operations, with the execution of this mandate by fostering quality search and rescue resources throughout the state and providing reimbursement for eligible expenditures. 

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Ashley Paulsrud 307-777-4907 ashley.paulsrud@wyo.gov 

The Wyoming Search and Rescue Council consists of 11 members as defined by statute: 

Wyoming County Sheriffs (four-year term); 

Wyoming Peace Officer (four-year term); 

Five Wyoming residents (four-year term); 

One Wyoming County Commissioner (four-year term); and 

One Director, Wyoming Office of Homeland Security (WOHS) (indefinite term). 

The governor, based in part on the recommendations of the existing council membership, appoints council members. In order to provide maximum geographical representation, it shall be the council's policy to recommend to the governor candidates that reside in counties that are not represented by other members at the time the vacancy is filled. 

Council members appointed by virtue of their elected positions (sheriffs and county commissioner) shall resign from the council immediately upon leaving their elected positions. The WOHS Director shall serve as the permanent Executive Secretary with an acceptable reason for non-attendance prior to the meeting date. In cases of repeated non-attendance, the council membership may vote to recommend removal of any member with the exception of the Executive Secretary. 

Council members must sign an Oath of Office upon appointment. Members may not serve without fulfilling this requirement. Members must sign a Code of Ethics upon appointment. Breach of this code may result in removal from the council by the governor. 

The members shall serve without compensation but are entitled to reimbursement of reasonable costs for their travel expenses as provided by statute.