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Brian McNutt


N7BAM, State RACES Officer

Mission Statement

By authority of the U.S. and Wyoming governments, Wyoming RACES' mission is to provide high-quality emergency communication using amateur radio, as per 47 CFR 97.407, and other resources as requested by the certifying civil defense organization. Wyoming RACES is the liaison between the certifying agencies and amateur radio community.

How We Will Accomplish Our Mission

  1. Work within U. S. Government regulations We will provide communications as per Title 47 Telecommunication, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter I Federal Communications Commission, paragraph 97 Amateur Radio Service, Subpart E Providing Emergency Communications, 407 Radio amateur civil emergency service.
  2. Certification All RACES members must be approved by a Certifying Civil Defense Organization (CCDO).
  3. Work with Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Some of RACES's mission is similar to some of ARES's mission. ARES can provide training because their mission has a larger scope than RACES. Operators with dual membership have greater opportunities to participate in actual events and training exercises. While dual membership is not required, it is encouraged.
  4. Work with other volunteer organizations needing radio communication While we will not perform their duties, we should understand their missions and plan for their operations, or lack of operations, during civil emergencies and war. We should maintain liaison with the National Traffic system (NTS), Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS), Civil Air Patrol (CAP), and Volunteers Active in Disasters (VOADs).
  5. Maintain cadres of RACES operators We must ensure the number and quality of RACES officers and operators meet the needs of our mission. This may require us to reach out to the existing amateur radio community and to enlist new amateurs to complete our mission.
  6. Provide resources to the Wyoming State Emergency Operations Center (WEOC) We must maintain qualified RACES operators to meet the needs of the permanent and remote state operations centers. We will train on state equipment and provide technical guidance on procuring communications equipment that we will use to save lives and property.
  7. Maintain standard operating procedures (SOPs) for all amateur radio emergency communication organizations Working alongside ARES, we will maintain a plan for emergency radio communications that use the amateur radio spectrum. This plan should be in such detail that it could guide operators of all organizations during emergencies.
  8. Formal Training We will take courses as requested by the CCDOs.
  9. Provide technical assistance to state and local governments Working with others, will provide technical assistance to the CCDOs at their request or to their benefit. We will provide guidance documentation on procuring, maintaining, and operating the certifying agency's amateur radio equipment located in their EOC or wherever. We will provide a preferred standard of amateur radio equipment in the EOCs.
  10. Technical expertise to government requests Working with ARES, we will assist the CCDOs when they are responding to requests from other government agencies.
  11. Certifying agency/amateur radio community liaison We will communicate the CCDOs concerns to the amateur radio community and inform the CCDOs of the concerns on the amateur radio community.

County RACES Officers

County and other certifying civil defense organizations will appoint their RACES officers and approve their control operators as per 47 CFR 97.