State Homeland Security Grant Program

The State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSP) is awarded and administered by the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security. This consolidation was done to streamline the grant application process and better coordinate federal, state and local grant funding distribution and operations. The funding provided will be applied against critical resource gaps identified through the assessments and prioritized in the state strategies.

Providing funds through a single application and award process facilitates coordination of preparedness activities related to the goals and objectives identified in the state strategies, resulting in a more effective and efficient use of funding. The programs further provide the opportunity to enhance preparedness efforts.

The SHSP provides funds for homeland security and emergency operations planning; the purchase of specialized equipment to enhance the capability of state and local agencies to prevent, respond to, and mitigate incidents of terrorism involving the use of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) weapons and cyber attacks; for costs related to the design, development, and conducting a state CBRNE and cyber security training programs and attendance at Office for Domestic Preparedness sponsored CBRNE training courses; for costs related to the design, development, conducting, and evaluation of CBRNE and cyber security exercises; and for costs associated with implementing State Homeland Security Assessments and Strategies.

At least 25 percent of the combined SHSP funds allocated must be dedicated toward law enforcement terrorism prevention activities.

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