All-Hazards Incident Management Team Qualification System

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Skillset Position Task Books

FEMA has released a framework for EOC positions called the EOC skillsets process.  The skillsets are individual sets of skills that EOC professionals will find useful in becoming ready for their chosen or assigned positions. Skillsets have been described as the "ingredients" in a "chocolate chip cookie" as opposed to the AHIMTA/NQS/NWCG "cookie recipe" idea of IMT position certification. Individual states (Authorities Having Jurisdiction - AHJ) have worked to loosely standardize our "recipe book" in an effort to better convey expectations in the mobilization and deployment processes. Local jurisdictions (counties/cities) should review multiple "recipes" from various local/state jurisdictions.  Locals may feel free to add to the base certifications as requirements for your own local EOCs as you see fit.  

We're strongly encouraging interested parties to take the All Hazard Position Specific Class relevant to their EOC position (e.g. Planning Section Chief AH class L962) for EOC Planning Section Coordinator for a more well-rounded, black-and-white exposure to the "details" functions/process of an EOC and IMT.  

There are PTBs for positions in the ICS Like EOC Model and the Incident Support Model (ISM) for EOC configurations.  

For additional training, please take a look at the FEMA EMI schedule to look for additional coursework including K2300 - Intermediate EOC Functions, K2302 -  EOC Leaders Skillsets, K2304 -  EOC Planning Skillsets, K2306 -  EOC Resource Skillsets, and K2308 -  EOC Ops and SA Skillsets.  These are generally done online via instructor-led courses and can be applied for through the EMI website.  

Ultimately, we want to standardize and professionalize your growth as an EOC staff member at home, or potentially on an "away game" in deployment.  To that end, ensuring you are competent and confident (or set up for success)  in your ability to fully embody your desired position is our joint desired end state.  This may involve additional classes, experiences, and learning outside of the skillset process.  Please let us know if you have any questions as you move forward with utilizing the EOC skillset programming.  

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About the AHIMT

 Wyoming All-Hazards Incident Management Team Mission Statement: "To provide qualified All-Hazards Incident Management Teams for the State of Wyoming and its political subdivisions capable of supporting and assisting in the management of natural and manmade emergencies and disasters and acts of terrorism."

The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security in conjunction with the Wyoming State Fire Marshals Office, Wyoming State Forestry, Wyoming Department of Health and multiple state and local resources as well as the All Hazards Incident Management Team State Qualification Review Committee (SQRC) developed the processes for credentialing individuals at the Type 3 level in the State of Wyoming. The oversight board also developed a training plan, prerequisites of team members and an application process for teams and individuals.  

Background of AHIMTs

An AHIMT is a multi-agency/multi-jurisdiction team for extended incidents, formed and managed at the state, regional or metropolitan level. It is a designated team of trained personnel from different departments, organizations, agencies, and jurisdictions within a state or DHS Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) region, activated to support incident management at incidents that extend beyond one operational period. Type 3 AHIMTs are deployed as a team of 8-12 trained personnel to assist in the management of major and/or complex incidents requiring a significant number of local, regional, and state resources, that extend into multiple operational periods and require a written Incident Action Plan (IAP), such as a tornado touchdown, earthquake, flood, or at planned mass-gathering events.

Type 3 Teams

*Trained personnel consist of those who have taken the following courses: IS-100, 200, 700, 701, 800, ICS 300 and 400; Command and General Staff Functions for Local IMT, Position Specific training including, but not limited to Operations Section Chief, Safety Officer, Liaison Officer, Planning Section Chief, Logistics Sections Chief, Finance and Administration Section Chief, Public Information Officer and Incident Commander Course. Each team member is required to have annual continued education of at least 16 hours.  

To find out when the next training courses provided by the Wyoming Homeland Security Training Program (WHSTP) are available, visit the Training and Events Calendar.  Jurisdictions forming an AHIMT will have preference for in-state AHIMT courses, anyone who wishes to attend the AHIMT training are welcome if there are any vacancies in the courses.  

To find out more about training courses provided by Emergency Management Institute visit the FEMA/EMI Training Website. 


If you are wanting to join our State Qualification Review Committee as a member, please reach out to or 307-777-4903 for current openings.  If you meet the discipline requirement that is missing (e.g. Fire Service, Local Government, etc), please click the above link to fill out an application to express interest.                 

Listed below are the individuals that represent the State Qualifications Review Committee (SQRC). 

Currently, there are open positions available in the Volunteer sector, Local Government sector and Public Works sector. . If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your application to Spencer Pollock at the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security. Applications and further details on submissions can be downloaded by clicking the link below. 

Wyoming State Forestry Division

Jerod Delay, Fire Management Officer

Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety

Ian Kraft, Training Program Manager

Wyoming Office of Homeland Security

Lynn Budd, Director

Wyoming Department of Health

Scott Logan, Public Health Division & EMS Licensing Coordinator


Dr. James A. Burghard, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)

Emergency Management

Jeanine West, Laramie County Emergency ManagerRich Ochs, Teton County Emergency Manager

Fire Service

Craig Haslam, Fremont County Fire Protection DistrictAndrew Dykshorn, Cheyenne Fire & Rescue

Health Care

Open Position

Law Enforcement

Donald Heiduck, Wyoming State ParksChief Joshua Holland, University of Wyoming Police Department

Local Government

Mark Pepper, Natrona County Wardwell Water and Sewer DistrictOpen Position

Public Works

Open Position


Bob Sherard, Laramie County CERT