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Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Post Fire - CLOSED

HMGP-Post Fire is a mitigation grant intended to reduce community vulnerability to disasters and their effects, promote individual and community safety and resilience, and promote community vitality following a major fire. Priority is given to projects which support wildfire recovery, and may be used for other, non-fire-related mitigation projects if funding is not fully utilized for wildfire recovery. HMGP-Post Fire is available to states following a fire which received a Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG) to assist with fire suppression costs. Federal funding available: $425,008

Open/closure date

The application period is currently open and should be submitted via eGrants by April 1, 2019. The formal funding notification was received Oct. 31, 2018. An applicant briefing was held at 6 p.m., Nov. 13, 2018 at the Sublette County School District #1 Main Board Room, 665 North Tyler Ave, Pinedale, Wyoming.

Eligible applicants are encouraged to collaborate with community members and submit a completed Notice of Interest Form ASAP describing their proposed mitigation project. The Notice of Interest is the initial step in a multi-step application process.

This grant provides up to 75% federal funding. At least 25% non-federal match is required. Matching funds may be cash OR soft/in-kind OR a combination of cash and soft/in-kind.

Who is eligible?

Eligible applicants include local governmental jurisdictions (cities, towns, counties, special districts with taxation authority) and state agencies. Potential applicants must have participated in local mitigation planning efforts. Funding may be used to complete mitigation projects on private property of willing project participants.

Assistance available

$425,008 is available in federal grant funding for mitigation projects. Priority will be given to mitigation projects in Sublette County which lessen the impact of fire. This includes projects such as wildfire mitigation (for example: fire-resistant materials used on home exteriors, creation of defensible space near homes, or fuels reduction within a 2-mile radius of homes) and soil stabilization or watershed protection projects (for example: erosion control mats, large-scale seeding, log terracing to channel flood water, silt fences to prevent sediment runoff, or mulching to protect soil minerals).

If funding remains after wildfire mitigation projects are funded, projects intended to lessen the impact of other natural hazards in Sublette County will be considered. In the event funding remains after all eligible mitigation projects are funded in Sublette County, remaining funds will be made available state-wide for mitigation projects.

The grant funding may be used for mitigation projects located on state and/or willing private landowner's property.