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Brian McNutt


N7BAM, State RACES Officer

RACES membership status and validation

All RACES members must have filed a RACES application date March 20, 2009 or later. Contact the state RACES Officer if you question your membership status. 

Unless you're told otherwise by a CCDO, licensed amateur radio operators wanting to become a RACES member should download an application, authorization to release information and background application. Complete these forms and send to the state RACES Officer for proper disposition. 

Along with your signed RACES application we need:

A copy of your current amateur radio operator’s license. You probably already have copies of your license in your shack and wallet. Recent ones have a watermark of “Official Copy” on them. Only the operators themselves can get these copies. Other persons can get all the information and probably get a copy with a watermark of “Reference Copy” on it. 

A photo of you that shows your full face similar to the photo on a driver’s license. Do not wear a hat. The photo should clearly show your face and several inches around it. We will crop it to meet our standards. We prefer an electronic copy, such as a JPG, but we will accept a hard copy photo. We save photos in an 800 by 600 pixel format so for a good quality photo use at least that quality. Many people use their smart phone to do this. If possible have your call sign in the name of the photo.

Your common first name if you did not supply it on your application. We will use your common first (nick) name and last name on your badge and other RACES listings. 

A government issued document showing your name and your address that matches the address shown on your ham license. You may use your driver’s license, utility receipt, or similar. Make sure you can read your name and address on the copy you send me. Let me know if you are not able to do this for some reason.

Feel free to send this information over the internet. We appreciate your desire to help the people of Wyoming by providing backup communications.

State RACES Officer: 

Brian McNutt, N7BAM 

Wyoming State RACES Officer

4501 E 13th St

Cheyenne, WY 82001 

Cell phone: (307) 421-1801