Wyoming Search and Rescue Forms

Please use the following electronic forms for reimbursement period April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020. Please download and save on your local computer. Edit access will not be given on the shared forms.

Mission Report Form

Mission Reimbursement Instructions

Mission Claim Form

Loss Damage Form

Sheriff Certification

Receipt example

Training Certification

Search and Rescue Training Reimbursement Form

Search and Rescue Equipment Guidelines

Reimbursement packages may be submitted throughout the year.

Mission Report Form - for submittal of Search and Rescue Missions.

This form is in effect immediately. Please complete electronically and fax to 307-635-6017 or email to ashley.paulsrud@wyo.gov.

search and rescue helicopter and helmet photograph


Ashley Paulsrud 307-777-4907

The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security serves as the account manager and operates using guidance from W.S. 19, Chapter 13, Article 3 and the Wyoming Search and Rescue Council (SAR). Council members are appointed by the governor. By statute the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security (WOHS) director serves as executive secretary to the council.

Search and Rescue is defined as the employment, coordination and utilization of available resources and personnel in relieving distress, preserving life and removing survivors from the site of a disaster, emergency or hazard to safety in case of lost, stranded, entrapped or injured people.

The goal of the Wyoming Search and Rescue Council is to assist Wyoming sheriffs, who are charged by state statute to conduct SAR operations, with the execution of this mandate by fostering quality search and rescue resources throughout the state and providing reimbursement for eligible expenditures.