Wyoming Search and Rescue Council Members

Wyoming Search and Rescue Council Members

Chairman - Ken Blackburn, Big Horn County ken.blackburn@bighorncountywy.gov

Sheriff - Clint Becker, Converse County clintbecker@sheriff.conversecounty.org

Sheriff - Matt Carr, Teton County mcarr@tetonsheriff.org

Peace Officer - Richard Kaumo, Sweetwater County

Citizen - Marilyn Connolly, Johnson County marelen@vcn.com

Citizen - Tim Ciocarlan, Teton County tciocarlan@wyoming.com 

County Commissioner - Larry Allen, Fremont County

Citizen - John Linn, Sublette County

Citizen - Mike Hays, Fremont County

Citizen - Dan Hutchison, Albany County dhutch@wyoming.com

Executive Secretary to the Council - Wyoming Office of Homeland Security Director Lynn Budd
or Deputy Director George Nykun

Wyoming Search and Rescue Program Administrator: Ashley Paulsrud (ashley.paulsrud@wyo.gov)

Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, 5500 Bishop Blvd, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009 or 777-4900

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