Roosevelt Fire Resources

Wyoming Water Development Commission/Water Development Program

The program provides funding for the development of new water supply systems and rehabilitation of existing systems. W.S. 41-2-114 defines the three levels of project development to be:

  • Level I - Master plans and reconnaissance studies
  • Level II - Feasibility studies
  • Level III - Design and Construction

Contact: Barry Lawrence

Phone: 307-777-7626


Open/closure date

Application deadlines are March 1st for Level I and II studies and September 1st for Level III applications.

Cost share?

Level I and II studies are funded at 100% by the WWDC. Level III projects are funded with 67% grants by the WWDC and 33% loans for the sponsor’s share.

Who is eligible?

Governmental agencies such as cities, towns, and special districts. This funding cannot be directly provided to private entities or individuals.

This funding program is intended to assist governmental entities that own and operate public water systems. The improvements that are funded need to expand or enhance the existing systems. In a situation where a community water system does not exist and the sponsor wants to consider a new public water system, it is recommended the sponsor start with a Level I master plan. There are two other types of Level I studies that the WWDC has funded in the past:

  • Wildland Fire Mitigation Studies which are intended assist in the planning of forest treatments to strategically create firefighting tools for future fires.
  • Watershed Plans to identify challenges and water supply solutions for a given watershed. These studies tend to be focused on the agricultural industry.