Roosevelt Fire Resources

Mineral Royalty Grants (MRG)

The MRG program awards grants to the following:

  • Alleviate an emergency situation which poses a direct and immediate threat to public health, safety or welfare;
  • To comply with federal or state mandates; or
  • To provide an essential public service.

Contact: Beth Blackwell, Grants and Loan Manager, Office of State Lands and Investments

Phone: 307-777-6373


Open/closure date

The Board meets on the third Thursday of each January and June to consider applications for MRGs. Additionally, emergency MRG applications may be considered at any regularly scheduled SLIB meeting.

Cost share: Varies

Who is eligible? Incorporated cities and towns, counties, special districts and joint powers boards.

Funding in this program continues to be limited. For BFY 19/20 the program was only appropriated $22 million versus $33.4 million the program has historically been appropriated. Due to the limited funding applicants are encouraged to find as much matching funds as possible to match a MRG.