All-Hazards Incident Management Team Qualification System


Step 1: Prerequisite Qualifications and Experience

The position candidate completes prerequisite experience and/or qualification criteria for the position as identified in the respective Incident Command Position Description (ICPD) Qualification Tables.

Step 2: Position Task Book Initiated

Initiate a Position Task Book for the position and credential the individual to function as a Trainee on qualifying incidents and events. An individual cannot be assigned to an interstate incident unless the Trainee is credentialed as such by the State Qualification Review Committee (SQRC).

Step 3: Training, Experience, and Position Task Book Completion

Complete required training for the position including completion of any certifications or licenses as delineated in the ICPD Qualification Table. Experience is gained and performance is evaluated completing the position task book.

Step 4: Review and Evaluation of Qualifications

Once the Wyoming State Specific requirements have been completed, the PTB has been completed, and after the Final Evaluation, the Trainee's records undergo evaluation against all of the requirements of the position as delineated in the ICPD Qualification Table. Evaluations and recommendations are typically accomplished by the State Qualifications Review Committee (SQRC).

Step 5: Certification

The SQRC certifies the individual as qualified in the position. The SQRC will then forward the name and position of the certified candidate to the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security for credentialing.

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