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Search and Rescue Public Notice - Rules Change

Public notice is hereby given that the Wyoming Search and Rescue Council through the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security (Administrative Agency) intends to adopt new Rules under the Wyoming Search and Rescue Council and Fund rules.

This rule change consists of allowing the council to review and reimburse claims twice a year, Chapter 1, Section 3 (c)(i)3. Copies of the proposed rules may be obtained on the Wyoming Administrative Rules System: https://rules.wyo.gov by using the advanced search for proposed rules, or by contacting The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, 5500 Bishop Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82002, (307) 777-4907, attention Ashley Paulsrud.

Public comments regarding the rules may be submitted by email via the Rules System at https://rules.wyo.gov. The public comment period ends February 25, 2020.