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The FY 2023 Nonprofit Security Grant Program is now open for applications.

Visit https://www.fema.gov/grants/preparedness/nonprofit-security for the NOFO and instructions on how to apply. The Application (Investment Justification) can be downloaded from our website. Please download and open it in your PDF viewer software. If it is opened from a browser it will give an error message.

The deadline to submit the FY NSGP application is April 21, 2023.

Submit completed application package to darryl.erickson1@wyo.gov. If you need further assistance contact Darryl Erickson at 307-777-4917.

The application period for EMPG and SHSP is now open. Please utilize Zoom Grants to applyVisit the EMPG and SHSP grants page for more information. 

Comment Period Open

Would you like to learn more about what Fremont and Sublette counties are doing to minimize the impacts of floods, dam failures, wildfires, hazardous materials incidents, and other hazards?

A draft of the updated Wyoming Region 5 Hazard Mitigation Plan, which includes individual county annexes, is being made available for public review and comment. The plan assesses risks posed by natural and man-made hazards, identifies ways to reduce those risks, and allows each county to be eligible for mitigation grant funding from FEMA. 

County planning teams, including representatives from certain municipalities, updated the plan during 2022 with assistance from a consultant. The plan identifies hazard mitigation goals and mitigation projects for the counties, with the intent of reducing losses from hazard events before they occur again. 

The counties in the Region are now soliciting public comment the plan before is finalized and submitted for FEMA review and approval. The final plan will be re-adopted by each participating county and participating municipalities before it becomes official.

An online form to provide feedback on the plan can be accessed here: 


Comment period closes April 7, 2023

Sublette County Annex

Fremont County Annex

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