All-Hazards Incident Management Team Qualification System

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Position Task Books (PTBs)

Please fill out the Task Book Initiation Form and send it to Spencer Pollock at

You can print out your Position Task book at

Additionally, please be aware that certain Position Task Books will have annual physical fitness requirements. The physical fitness levels are: Light, Medium, Arduous, or None Required. A description of each physical fitness level is as follows:

  • Light - Duties mainly involve office type work with occasional field activity characterized by light physical exertion requiring basic good health. Activities may include climbing stairs, standing, operating a vehicle and long hours of work, as well as some bending stooping, or light lifting.

  • Moderate - Duties involve fieldwork requiring complete control of all physical faculties and may include considerable walking over irregular ground, standing for long periods of time, lifting 25 to 50 lbs, climbing, bending, stooping, squatting, twisting and reaching.

  • Strenuous - Duties involve fieldwork requiring physical performance calling for above average endurance and superior conditioning. These duties may include an occasional demand for extraordinarily strenuous activities in emergencies under adverse environmental conditions and over extended periods of time.

  • None Required - Positions that do not required a physical fitness level.

More information regarding the physical fitness levels for each Position Task Book, can be accessed by clicking the following link:

Complete the "Task Book Initiation Form", including a sponsoring agency signature, and email the form to

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