All-Hazards Incident Management Team Qualification System

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that evaluates an individual's formal and non-formal learning through training and experience to determine the extent to which that individual has already acquired and performed the required competencies of an emergency response position. RPL is a more robust, performance based evaluation and enhancement of traditional Historical Recognition processes.

The RPL process measures an individual's demonstrated knowledge, skills and experience against the national standard competencies as established in the specific position task book. The measurement process focuses on evaluation of the candidate's acquisition of the skills described in the prescribed standards, rather than the manner or procedure which the skills were acquired.


  1. Complete the Recognition of Prior Learning Self-Assessment & Portfolio Worksheet
  2. Attach the appropriate evidence (resume, letter, photographs or other documentation)
  3. Scan all documents into one PDF and save the file with the naming convention: Last_First_Position.pdf (Smith_Henry_OSC.pdf) as one PDF. Your application may be rejected if the standard naming convention is not followed. If the file is too large to upload, save as two files numbered 1 and 2 respectively.
  4. Submit the PDF via email to Spencer Pollock at Your application will then be forwarded to the State Qualifications Review Committee (SQRC) for review.
  5. The SQRC will review the application and may invite the candidate to an assessment interview where he/she will be asked questions about the portfolio and the experiences that relate to performing the desired position and any relevant subordinate positions.
  6. The SQRC will make a decision as to whether the candidate is "Competent" or "Not yet competent". If the candidate is reported to the SQRC as "Competent", the SQRC will make a recommendation for issuing the Credential. If the candidate is identified as "Not yet competent" the Assessors Panel will make recommendations to the candidate and the sponsoring agency for training and development opportunities.

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