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The Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department collect voluntary $2 donations on recreational licenses and registrations and routinely transfer these funds to the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security.

Donations are utilized for the following purposes:

  • Reimbursement of eligible operational expenses incurred by sheriffs in the conduct of approved missions annually;

  • Training of SAR personnel state-wide;

  • Developing and maintaining SAR overhead teams;

  • Purchasing and maintaining specialized SAR equipment;

  • Fund administration including office supplies, travel/meals/lodging of members and necessary staff and council meeting expenses; and

  • Public awareness campaigns.

How to donate
When purchasing your fishing, hunting, boating or snowmobiling license from the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources or the Wyoming Game and Fish, check the option to donate $2 to the Wyoming Search and Rescue.

The next person saved could be you or someone you love.


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